Fibre Glass Woven Rovings

Woven roving is plainly woven from Rovings made from Boron free “E”- glass having polyester, Chrome- free Silane sized, with higher dimensional properties and regular distribution of fibreglass with excellent bonding strength among laminates, so the laminates possess higher fibre content, tensile strength and impact resistance.

1. Compatible with polyester, vinyl ester and epoxy resins.
2. Made of continuous, untwisted E- Glass direct rovings.
3. Good resistance to weave distortion.
4. high mechanical strength in both directions of the weave.
5. Excellent impregnation and low consumption of resin.
6. Very good drape ability, making it suitable for very complex moulding.
7. Easy processability in moulding techniques.

1. Automotive parts
2. FRP Boat hulls
3. Electrical parts
4. Insulated Glue joints