Epoxy Resins

Epoxy Resin posses many advantageous properties such as quick curing at room temperature without application of heat, low shrinkage, good chemical resistance and mechanical properties etc.

The characteristic properties of cured epoxy resin:
1. High adhesive strength to almost all materials
2. Low shrinkage
3. Exceptional dimensional stability
4. Thermo-setting
5. Natural gap filling ability
6. Good mechanical properties and chemical resistance
7. Ease of application
8. Ability to cure in wet conditions

The major applications in which epoxy resin have been successfully used are:
1. Grouting of cracks in concrete
2. Abrasion resistant and corrosion resistant coating on concrete surface
3. Joining concrete to metal
4. plugging leaks of hydraulic structures
5. Airfield runway repairs
6. corrosion and chemical resistant coating
7. Water proofing
8. HT/LT switchgear components
9. Dry type current & voltage transformers
10. Electronic components such as Deflection coils, Capacitors, Resistors
11. Glued inflated rail joints
12. Joining of both power and communications cable.
13. Masking of electronic circuits on PCBs.