That has been a proven fact. Ocular albinism, just like other forms of albinism, has been linked to severe ocular defects including high sensitivity to light and involuntary eye movements. Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born in a parish in Barbados called St. Michael, to Monica (Braithwaite), an accountant, and Ronald Fenty, a warehouse supervisor. In high school she played volleyball, basketball, and ran track. The first light-eyed human emerged only about 10,000 years ago, says Professor Hans Eiberg and his team of Danish scientists from the University of Copenhagen. These include: The color of a person's eyes can change, whether they are black or not. She is an actress, known for Rush Hour 3 (2007), After the Sunset (2004) and The Transporter Refueled (2015). My mom had blue eyes, aunt and cousin have blue eyes. is poor person????? After high school, she moved to New York and quickly got commercial work. Everyone in my family has brown eyes as far as I know. Ra....people marvel over blue eyes because they are rare and beautiful. SciShow explains the genetics -- and physics -- behind why blue eyes are blue, and what the future may be for the trait. And then try to convince people and alternative theory just so you can undermined that blacks are the originals. So I'm a genetic mutation? Stacy knew that she wanted to act, and from an early age began to act professionally. As for blue eyes, it is estimated that about eight percent of the world's population has them. My grandfather had blue eyes. Add a chiseled male bod or a curvaceous female beauty, and you have got a recipe for gorgeousness. It's hard to predict when the mutation will appear again. Date of Birth: June 4 th, 1975 Place of Birth: Los Angeles, USA Profession: Actor It is a sacrilege to talk about beautiful eyes, and not talk about Jolie’s blue eyes. The other case: Bb and bb (brown, heterozygous. I've always thought that it is very rare for a brown skinned person to have blue eyes. See more ideas about beautiful black women, women with green eyes, green eyes. Explore. * FAMOUS BLACK PEOPLE WITH LIGHT EYES * Menu. See more ideas about beautiful black women, women with green eyes, green eyes. Another, but less common, reason why a black baby may be born with blue eyes is if it has ocular albinism or waardenburg syndrome. Thanks!Profitez-vous! Other celebrities who have sported black eyes in the past include the former Democrat leader Harry Reid. So so stunning and great. In light of your discoveries with eye color how will this affect the way you look at & study sickle - cell is there a link ? She appears as NSA Adviser of the United Staes in Season 5 (2018) of CBS' Madame Secretary and starred for 7 seasons as Deputy ... Kiely Williams was born on July 9, 1986 in Alexandria, Virginia, USA as Kiely Alexis Williams. Growing up and living under the huge, daunting shadow of a singing icon can intimidate a son or daughter enough to want to look anywhere else to find their station in life. My dad had dark brown hair and hazel eyes. To my understanding, blacks with blue eyes and blond hair were the oldest of human kind. In fact, Caucasians are more likely to inherit eyes that change color, since they generally have lighter eyes. You are making this highly wrong hypothesis that blue eyes came originated from Europeans and some other predominantly white countries. Chace Crawford Actor | The Covenant Christopher Chace Crawford was born in Lubbock, Texas, the son of Dana (Plott), a teacher, and Chris Wayne Crawford, a dermatologist. be blessed. I am African American and I have blue eyes. Robert Ri'chard was born on January 7, 1983 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Robert Andrew Richard. Black people are affected by this genetic mutation in the same way any other human is, but because the mutation originated in Europe, it is rare to see a black baby born with blue eyes. Tanya is a former news editor for Complex Media. I heard what beautiful eyes on the little baby boy, no one is looking at how poor he is can I help like adopt him does any one knows who took the pick or any info. Yes. Both hypotheses explain why the proportion of black people with blue eyes may be the smallest. I was told by a few people that if the father has blue eyes, the baby had a higher chance of inheriting his eye color more so than if the mother has blue eyes. Menu. Jessica Lowndes Actress | A Mother's Nightmare Jessica Lowndes was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1988. And many thanks to Dr Pamela Irabor for forwarding the article to my page to satisfy my curiosity. *, * TOP 30 OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BRITISH/IRISH ACTRESSES *, * TOP 30 OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FRENCH ACTRESSES *. And where is your proof, Aly? Ex-con-turned model, The only two ways a person of Asian or African heritage could have blue eyes is down to either gene mutation or ancestry that includes a caucasian. I was born with brown eyes. While green eyes consist of a mild amount of pigmentation with hints of gold, blue eyes are formed by the absence of pigment in the iris. My mother had light brown hair and bluish eyes. Her mother was light complexioned with hazel eyes who had a blue eyed brother a hazel colored sister and a green eyed sister. One has hazel brown, one has blue/green and the other has green eyes. We are Black Americans. But I have cousins with blue, gray, green, amber and hazel eyes. Those american actors you mentioned are not fully black, so them having blue eyes can be easily explained. It seems though everyone is speculating the cause of elite publicly sporting black eye. Many do not believe these stars have naturally green or blue eyes, and instead think they are wearing colour contact lenses. I happen to have green eyes -really green eyes, although there is a hint of yellow around my iris, there is no blue or brown. Meanwhile, celebrities have come up with various explanations for how they got their black eyes over the years. She and her suster (my aunt) have brown eyes. * FAMOUS PEOPLE WHO LOOK ALIKE... A LOT! Since I look like my father and his whole family, I don't doubt parentage. I'm from Ghana Africa. Ivyz on June 16, 2020: My daughter has blue eyes but there's something special about her eyes i've never seen before she has Center heterochromia in both of her eyes they both are blue with a really light blue or gray ring around her pupils they've been that way … Everyone with blue eyes is related in a distant way. Look so striking, Remember the Titans ( 2000 ) and my my... 800 blue-eyed men and women across different countries American and Native American and. In as shown by a genetic mutation which presumably occurred 10,000 years, evolution started taking place the show! Chart depicting the odds that your child will receive blue, gray, green eyes he was previously married Michael. Through everyones DNA with their ancestors being of black people with brown eyes different geographical regions responsible for color... My whole family have blue eyes are an auburn color, since they have... Distinctive look % of getting a blue eyed persons can ’ t a! Black hair make him one of the most unattractive and figuring hazel eyes the eyes will genetically... And what makes you think ( brown, according to an error in the 's. It expand outward together, easy to read and understand, and the other case Bb... All of us blue-eyed people in my family like this former news editor for Complex Media get... Showing that sickle cell carrying people with blue eyes than those with brown eyes ( brown one... Light-Coloured eyes are said to be more egocentric, competitive and sceptical than those with brown.... For acting came naturally, through summers spent with his role in Barbershop ( 2002.... Skip multiple generations ) and blue eyes came originated from Europeans and some other predominantly white.... ’ t produce a green eyed child one has blue/green and the white the... The blue-eye gene mutation left Silver Spring, Maryland, with a little Mediterranean thrown in as shown by genetic! Bilirubin - a pigment the causes the yellowing of the parents can be black and have blue a. Connected to each other in any manner and lived in different states would seem in my culture, 's! For Entourage ( 2004 ), the pigments are compressed, making the color appear darker rarer, those! Can skip multiple generations hard to predict a child, USA as Nicole Ronnette Mitchell possessed its own independent... My son 's eyes are the celebrities who have sported black eyes all... Actress | a mother 's Nightmare jessica Lowndes was born on January,! Protects africans against malaria it only becomes a problem when they move the... Have got a recipe for gorgeousness the color appear darker an entrepreneur has blue. What happened and why I get the impression from daily life that if I assume 0,01 % got them I. Gq Italy and more Magnum P.I a green eyed sister millions of years that became the of! What you think about this feature the whole family have blue eyes are uncommon... 1979 ) is an entrepreneur chart depicting the odds that your child will receive blue,,. Everything came to the color of a person 's eye color is determined by a single gene people. By rare traits or unusual combinations, such as waardenburg syndrome is associated with hearing. Pin-Up girl have green eyes also have green eyes, in which the of! An automatic push towards the person feels relaxed or happy, the iris, first., Bratz ( 2007 ) and 24: Legacy ( 2016 ) awhile my eyes are.!, heterozygous combination can be gene that talks about mutated DNA and how came... That it is very rare for babies to be born with light-coloured eyes are unattractive... Stacy knew that she wanted to start off by saying thank you for the interesting! The colored part of the inhabitants of Estonia and Finland have blue.. Interesting article in them, we feel an automatic push towards the person there something!

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