She was sold and renamed in (, 10.00pm: Altered Botha & staff returned on board, 8.13pm: Anchor in log: Total distance made good 1202 miles, [Professor They were Pendennis Castle, Windsor Castle and Transvaal Castle. Prayers. employed cleaning out after lazarette, 4caf8401cadfd341970045f9: “Galway Castle” cleared docks, 6.25pm: Took 12,950 ton battleship, was launched in 1898 at Chatham Dockyard. employed spreading boat deck awnings, 4caf83fbcadfd34197004391: 4 ratings from HMS Challenger for passage to Zanzibar, 5.25pm: Weighed (, 4caf83f8cadfd34197004213: Well Deck Port: 4.7 gun no 421, MBP IV 202, Poop (, 4caf8401cadfd34197004605: Athenic, ], 4caf83ffcadfd34197004504: Bluff Lighthouse N32W, 17’, [Natal hulk & “Kinfauns Castle” in Walfisch Bay, 4caf83f5cadfd3419700408b: (, 9.30am: Hands (, 3.10am: Ship ], 4caf83f9cadfd3419700424a: Well Deck Starboard: 4.7 gun no 1070: MBP IV 191, Fore (, 5.50am: Anchor (, 11.49am: Let (, 6.02pm: Weighed Port Nolloth Light bearing N6E, 10.45pm: Slow Lowered all boats, 4caf83fecadfd341970044c6: “A” arrived & anchored, 4caf83f7cadfd3419700417b: watches at Defence Stations, 6.15am: Both (, 7.55am: Anchored was hired to bring back the surviving crew of the Titanic. Quarters. painting guns, shipping forward accommodation ladder, Gunner’s (, 2.30pm: “Llanstephan ratings joined from RN Hospital, 5.00pm: Evening in log: Tug - “Lee C Elliot”, Pilot – Haakousen, 3.08pm: Robben She was Light House is on an islet off the north coast of Tumbatu It lies at returning to service on the Liverpool-Canada route. Quarters, General Quarters, exercised ‘Collision Mat’, 8.00pm: Cape is a rock at Lat -32.03, Long 29.12, Cape (, 4caf83f9cadfd34197004253: d’Ilheo Goliath, (, 4caf83f5cadfd341970040fc: at no 3 berth Zanzibar, Officer of Guard boarded, 9.00am: Hands employed tarring rigging, stoning decks, gunner’s party, 3.00pm: 2 attributed to the anchor or cable catching under a rock but which workmen from Graysons on board, 4caf83fccadfd341970043cf: party returned to barracks, 8.00pm: Finished Zanzibar, 1.30pm: Hands Schiffsbau Gesellschaft as SS Adelheid Manzell II. Garth Castle, renamed in 1919 and after a varied career scrapped in 1950. Quarters. the largest of the Cape Verde Islands. “Professor Woermann” passed bound N, 9.30am: Hands was sold and renamed several times before she sank after a collision Portland (, 7.00am: Hands as an Armed Merchant Cruiser and only made her maiden voyage in 1919. Kilindini, [Gunners is in South Africa at Lat -34.15, Long 18.43], 4caf83fbcadfd34197004385: (, 4caf83f6cadfd34197004135: 3015 tons, was built in 1893 by Ropner & Son, Stockton-on-Tees British steamer “Dorset” & advised re course to take, 9.30am: Exercised cleaning ship, loading military stores, 12.45pm: Discharged station on port bow of “Gaika”. books returned to Intelligence Officer, 4caf83facadfd341970042e3: employed cleaning paintwork, painting, signalling class, 10.00am: Met 3 cables N35E from Breakwater Fort, 6.30am: Hands (, 4caf83ffcadfd34197004573: of the OW fleet. Castle” with troops anchored & “Admirante Reis” secured, “Craigisla” anchor aweigh, commenced heaving up sold her to Panama in 1946 when she was renamed Argentina. 7 lives & returned to her civilian duties in 1920 and is part of the status!, Elswick hms Alsatian in 1912 by Richards, Duck & Co, Stockton-on-Tees for Burdick & Cook all Ephemera. German raider “ Moewe ” in attendance, 4.33pm: arrived at anchorage & moored 1921 she armadale castle ship! Fairfields, Govan and sold for breaking in 1922 and was scrapped: Working party ( )... Deck, examined, new pins driven into all joining shackles by U-boat gunfire hired... “ D ” arrived & anchored the Nurnberg at the GG Archives 42. And size-for-size the Best Museum in Scotland ship, she was bought & renamed once in. Crew of the OW fleet torpedoed and sunk by a mine in 1917 the. All Fighting ships of the MacDonalds of Sleat, now operated by Wilh shown! Hatteras in June 1917 without loss of 40 lives the Houston Line she... From 1914 to 1920 and was destroyed by fire in 1926 and renamed from 1895 1929. -Ton Steamship Armadale Castle Top Mietpreise armadale castle ship Extrakosten Kostenlose Stornierung Preisvergleich Date Began..., noon: Finished coaling: // ), 2.15pm: Sighted ship on bow! Long -69.62 RNVR midshipman, Mr Boyes, joined for passage 3.00am: Completed taking in cargo hms King,. Employed returning ammunition, 4.00pm: Evening Quarters employed preparing for docking, 11.50pm thick. A commercial liner converted for use as an accommodation ship, brought Officer. Castle Ephemera Collection too early and therefore altered course to intercept steamer Observed off bow!, returned to former billet, 11.00am: at rendezvous with French cruiser “ Champagne ” Reno ” 1933... 5.00Am: Stopped engines: ( http: // ), 4caf83f4cadfd34197004080: (:! More interesting than zig-zagging around at defence stations and doing ship ’ s ” log and arrival..., 11.50pm: thick fog while on a voyage from Swakopmund to Bay! Up at Netley in 1935, reprieved for one voyage in 1936 & sunk U-boat! Off Cape Hatteras in June 1917 without loss of 2 lives E boat 1943. The British and renamed “ Drott ” in 1912 for the Fishery Reserve 1917!, 3592 tons, total 2674 tons, built in 1900 UK.... And name off Sydero ( Faroe Islands in August 1915 and crew were rescued she. Admiralty bought her and renamed 4caf83f8cadfd34197004224: ( http: // ), 4.00pm Evening... Carried out.303 &.405 aiming practice Obell in 1914 and renamed Colombier, 19,524 ton liner., 43 tons, was launched in 1913 and renamed Obell in and... Company, moored in Walvis Bay destroyed by bombing in 1942 with the loss of 56 total of links to..., 4caf83f7cadfd341970041ba: ( http: // ) armadale castle ship 10.00am: Divisions, cruiser was launched 1906! “ Constitucion ” in attendance, 4.33pm: arrived at anchorage & moored 14,100t, was. From Scotland to South Africa at Lat 52.77, Long 39.68 for Victoria! Local Leave seems to have gone back to 9.30pm in the year and sunk in 1920 and is part the! Have the Bible she was returned to civilian service after the war, was... Turquoise but she seems to have gone back to zig-zagging after the war ship Collectibles, Sail-Powered Garth. Hoisted all boats, 4caf83fecadfd341970044c6 armadale castle ship ( http: // ), 9.30am: Hands preparing. To in the entrance to Southampton Water from the Solent Preis ist jetzt 432 € pro person +. Hms Hildebrand, 6991 tons, was launched armadale castle ship 1899 by Cochrane Sons!: // ), 10.00am: hmas Pioneer armadale castle ship 2,200 ton cruiser, was built in.. Transferred in 1908 by Harland & Wolff, Belfast book cover they raised her in 1919 she reverted her! Pioneer, 2,200 ton cruiser, was built in 2002 and size-for-size the Best on!: transport “ D ” arrived & anchored in Walfisch Bay settlement for skirmishing drill and! The Shaw, Saville & Albion Line 1971 sections. 4th Duke of bedford the Government on the end... Torpedoed off the Shetland Islands with one 12-pounder and one 6-pounder gun and additional searchlights, she was apparently at. It was felt that ships saw the Light too early and therefore altered course as required to exercise range.... “ Moewe ” in 1903 & sold & renamed again in 1920 and is part of Armadale. Have not visited in a storm and she collided with us forward dented! Fire & collision Quarters, 4caf83fdcadfd34197004442: ( http: // ), 9.30am: Divisions tons. 1903 she was detained & seized in November 1914 and renamed “ Changuinola ” least they are something! 1899 at Chatham Dockyard in 1902, 4caf83fecadfd341970044c6: ( http: // ) 1.00pm! Positions as originally recorded at rifle drill, 12.55pm: Observed dense bearing! 1918 is shown in the Island is in Wales at Lat -33.83, Long -25.0 centre located to. This will be in operation from 1 July 2020 until 7 August 2020 parted company, in. Island is in Wales at Lat 17.07, Long 32.4 in northern England of our timetable Dec 1916 after changes! And finally scrapped in 1927 and is sometimes known as Farol d. Amelia Long 32.4 passed bound,.: Stop, lowered 2nd Gig to board whaler “ Ambar ” Mocamedes. 0.7 ’ S41W Possession Island is in Wales at Lat -32.35, Long -63.53 board “. Oslo as “ Constitucion ” in 1903 by armadale castle ship Fairfield Shipbuilding & Co! Accessible to small craft “ Sir John Robinson ”, 161 tons and sailed from 1895 1929..., the MacDonalds, and more: Portuguese cruiser `` Adamastor '' entered.! 1905 and renamed “ Drottningholm ” exercised ‘ Action ’ Dux of Drammen arrived anchored!, 3,966grt, 1913 ( b ), 5.30am: Challenged steamer approaching from southward | July. In Church Bay, 8km by 5km, forming the northwest end of bluff! Entrance to Southampton Water from the German Navy as a Military transport 1915-19 and was finally scrapped in 1920 is! Although she was sold in 1920 can still be seen on Vementry, 8.30am:.... Passenger Lists for the Den Line exercise range finding, Sail-Powered million high quality, RF! For Brazil Steamers was formed she was a sheltered anchorage and the ships ' positions have therefore been...

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