Spider mites and mealybugs tend to be the usual inhabitants; check the leaves' undersides and along the leaf's central archway (midrib) for possible colonies. Either mist weekly while the heaters are on, or create your humidity tray. As I’m a tropical plant I like a warm room. A ten-minute call costs £3.99 (US$5),  or £14.99 for thirty minutes. Regular price $55.95 Sold out. Alocasia macrorrhiza Stingray. This can be done via a video or audio call on most apps, including Facebook, FaceTime & Skype. For severe cases, take the plant out of rot pot to examine for root rot - a transplant may have to be performed. An hour or two of winter sunlight is highly beneficial, though. Alocasia macrorrhiza ‘Stingray’ is a very special elephant ear plant with amazing leaves shaped just like baby stingrays creating a wacky effect. Elles sont unies, vert vif, gaufrées et brillantes. If possible, water the soil 24hrs before the main event to reduce the risk of transplant shock, when its dry root systems are over-fingered. Regular price $22.95 Sold out. Bright indirect light is best, avoiding exposure to the summer sun. The genus Alocasia contains a few of the most popular houseplant choices like the spectacular Alocasia amazonica, Alocasia zebrina and Alocasia ‘Stingray’. Alocasia macrorrhiza ‘Stingray’ The fascinating ‘Stingray’ Alocasia species has rippled, oval leaves and a long tip, making the leaves look like a stingray. Too low humidity can cause browning leaf tips with yellow halos. Chung Cheng High School (Main) Although this won't kill the plant, increase humidity to prevent new growth in adopting these symptoms. If plants with unusual, striking foliage appeal to you, a variety of elephant's ear called "Stingray" (Alocasia "Stingray") could be an appropriate choice for your garden or indoor plant collection. Maintain evenly moist soil and situate it in a bright, indirect location away from any direct sunlight. Alocasia - Stingray - Elephant Ear. Location, Water, Humidity & Fertilisation. It’s no surprise many Alocasia owners would like to know how to multiply their plant. Variegated Upright Elephant Ear (Alocasia macrorrhizos 'Variegata') in the Elephant Ears (Alocasia) Database - Garden.org Periods of droughts will quickly slip the Alocasia back into its dormancy period, causing stunted growth and a bewildered plant owner. Alocasia macrorrhiza - Borneo Giant - Elephant Ear. Alocasia macrorrhiza Stingray Care & Info Guide. This is Variable product. Heirloom Alocasia Macrorrhiza Green Giant Taro Seeds Indoor Plant Seeds 20pcs/Bag Grains/Lot Elephant Ear Taro Vegetable Seeds. Separate the foliage and its root system away from the mother plant, mentally noting the high risk of damage. Add a decorative pot to complete the look. The large, round green leaves have a long, thin green tail at the terminal end of each leaf. There are almost 70 Alocasia varieties. photos are for reference only. Gently hose the foliage down from time to time to hydrate the leaves and keep the dust levels down. Especially if its kept in a dark location, wash or dust the foliage monthly, to increase the light-capturing efficiency. Kunth. The rapid leaf growth will be quite diminshed and the plant will likely remain as-is throughout the season. Alocasia’s are part of a huge family and … Click on this link to learn more about a transplant. The Alocasia macrorrhiza Stingray has large, uniquely shaped leaves that resemble the wings and tail of its namesake. Needs to be kept warm, ideally between 18-22°C. Some Alocasia varieties have such kinds of leaves that grow to a length of 3 feet. If eaten, vomiting, nausea with a loss of appetite could occur and consumption of large quantities must be dealt with quickly. Click on this link for a detailed step-by-step guide on transplantation, or via this link to learn about repotting with root rot. Alocasia are fast growing in the right conditions. zzgl. Although this isn't too much of an issue, a build-up of dust particles can clog up the plant's pores, causing lowered light capturing-efficiency. 31749 Auetal In stock on January 17, 2021. They have gained the most stunning looking award because of their visual appeal and also their most attractive foliage. by Macrocentra: Jul 21, 2020 12:11 PM: 0: ID on this beauty, please? Wipe the topside of the leaves down once a month to keep levels down and improve growing conditions. The second reason why its leaves are yellowing could be due to either too much sunlight or not enough water. Ask your seller for delivery. Regular price $7.95. Repot every two years in spring using a 'Houseplant' labelled potting mix and the next sized pot with adequate drainage. The plant is sold in a plastic grow pot. Plant database entry for Variegated Upright Elephant Ear (Alocasia macrorrhizos 'Variegata') with 8 images and 22 data details. Keep Alocasia plants moist all year; they are water-loving plants.Feed with liquid fertilizer during the growing season. The distinctive, dappled colouring of the stem adds further interest. Regular irrigations are key. Alocasia - Portora - Elephant Ear. Delivery times for other countries and information on calculating the delivery date see here: Instructions for cancellation & Cancellation form, Paphiopedilum gigantifolium “Young plant´´. Under-watering symptoms include wilting, little to no growth and greying leaves - these issues are commonly down to too much light/heat, or forgetfulness. Approximately 40cm tall. Variable products take things further than product attributes. The leaves are evergreen, stingray-shaped with wing-like lobes and a pointed tail, somewhat ruffled, simple with wavy or scalloped edges, shiny, leathery, and dark green in color with paler backsides. With large, uniquely shaped leaves, Alocasia macrorrhiza 'Stingray' is an evergreen, ornamental houseplant The emerald-green foliage looks like the wings and tail of a stingray Ruffled, upward pointing, leathery leaves with scalloped edges and a distinctive tail on the end.

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