But I still think “really?” because to me art is art–it doesn’t have a gender. Check your local Agency on Aging for information and help. Before I go on, let me make sure that I am actually speaking for myself and not for other deaf artists. One of the common themes to emerge from the literature is the importance of patterns, expectations, and resolutions. I loved it (said sarcastically) at arts and crafts shows when people would walk by a nice quilt or handmade item and say “I can make that” – instead of buying it from the artisan. S ometimes it seems surprising that science functions at all. Reading others’ opinions is a good way to procrastinate (another topic) on your own art! Okay a special conference for artists over 60, (appauling!) Prejudice based on the artist’s region or location – the unjustified, yet perceived cultural deficiency of the area reflected onto the artist’s work. Pursuit of knowledge – Make sure it is clear in your RLEs exactly where and what the “pursuit of knowledge” is. I’ve spent a lot of time praying about what to do as the slow economy lingers. Bias is an inclination or outlook to present or hold a partial perspective, often accompanied by a refusal to consider the possible merits of alternative points of view. I remain yet optimistic and confident in what I do, and know that I project a positive energy that with at least some people does trump my femaleness and my fatness. As a young black man I moved to what would be a metropolitan city in the south. Our whole society discriminates against older adults in every facet of human encounters. Thank you all for your wonderful posts. 1. Cataloging and classification are critical to any library. It also helps me focus on the more positive aspects of the people around me which also builds more relationships. I count myself as very lucky, I have a separate pension income, my husband is my live-in carer and takes care of our daughter so that I don’t have to put my art to the side, and I get to be an artist full time. Meet our Bloggers. My mother died from dementia. For the most part, confirmation bias has been studied by psychologists and discussed by science journalists in the context of decision-making or reasoning. Used with permission. A couple of years ago I decided to read-up on how to collect art. At any rate, I became ill with a fatal, incurable illness (not so much, as it turned out) and in order to fool the universe – and also because we knew that the works of deceased artists generally brought in more money, we legally changed our last name to…Dead! RACISM When you connect with people they will come to you. Our society is skewed to the young, thin & beautiful & anything with a brand name – if in doubt look at the morning news programs. 2. These “ism’s” are harder to take when art is your career. (I also think that ‘lookism’ or fataphobia has a pretty strong place in at least the high end art world. Male artists are very often not asked to do that. Essentially, your overall impression of a person ("He is nice!") Share on LinkedIn. Grounded in what we know about how children construct identity and attitudes, the goals help you create a safe, supportive learning community for every child. Facebook; Twitter; Flipboard; Email; May 7, 2014 7:03 AM ET. Many authors had preferentially cited evidence that had shown a positive outcome for the drug that they were testing. I try not to let it influence my actions or how I live. That said, I think it is a waste of energy to dwell on this unless one can do something about it and if one can then there isn’t dwelling upon but action. Art. Now, he is trying to find a career as a science journalist who writes about philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience. -I call it the ‘keep your head in the sand and they won’t do that to me’ syndrome. Enjoy. They have to ultimately be willing to go there themselves though. Previous Post When Niebuhr Met Spelly (sort of) Next Post Oscar Handlin (1915-2011) and the Emergent Culture Wars. LOL! In response to that repeated behavior and on the advice of a well known male western artist, I started signing my paintings with my first initials and last name. I hope you will dig deeply into your faith and explore your expression! Die eigene Wahrnehmung, aber auch die Erinnerung, das Denken und die dementsprechend gefällten Urteile werden unbewusst … Deep Thought Thursday. BUT I also know that this can’t play into any actions I take, and I am just going to develop a plan and move forward. When the economy went south and it became very difficult to survive as a professional artist in my area with the costs of running a gallery (and I have no other source of income), sometimes thoughts of the gender and age isms have argued to me. Right or wrong, maybe it is human nature. This means the gallery is chasing trends harder which is the perception as well as the reality. I am retired on a very small social security income due to assisting in the care of a parent with Alzheimer’s daily. It has taken over a year to get my 1st gallery chance. However, in cases of possible implicit bias—patterns that might be occurring outside of the officers’ conscious control—it may not be appropriate to formally discipline the officer. “I didn’t realize you were a woman, these paintings look like they were done by a man” My thinking about being an older artist with gray hair was the same as yours. it is my “work” and I work very hard to sell my art and make a living doing so! These automatic thoughts can be positive or negative. He cited incidents that I’d never heard about before of people seriously looking at my work, remarking about its quality, talking about ones in particular that would make wonderful additions to their home(s), then asking who the artist was and when they discovered it was a woman, he said you could see the shutters come over their eyes and they walked out. Without a blind jury the % of women and people of color represented went down pretty dramatically. I have a disability that is not apparent. Perhaps your state does too. I hold tenatiously onto my positive outlook as the climb from where I am, I know, is going to be at times gruelling, painful and fulfilling. I am thinking of my history as an artist. In the same way that we decide to watch Fox or MSNBC, we decide to listen to Lady Gaga or The Beatles. I stopped dead in my tracks when I read in one of the books I was researching from the library that collectors were not advised to purchase works from older artists. It is merely my perception of the experience.) I commend them and hope others follow suit. But I think in our culture (American) there are mind viruses that cause some like behavior among groups of people. 2. This extract from a discussion of the Wild Rivers legislation assumes Aboriginal people do not engage in activities such as economic development in the areas discussed.. Research has found “entrenched negative stereotypes” of Aboriginal people in Australia .. Stereotypes can take many forms and shapes. You’re obviously in a good place and earning an income isn’t a necessity. (2002) for faces. Besitztumseffekt, auch Endowment-Effekt: Die Tendenz, ein Gut wertvoller einzuschätzen, wenn man es besitzt. That *is* ironic! Bias in Support for Creativity: Another Glass Ceiling A new study finds that organizations disadvantage women’s creativity at work. Positive thinking often starts with self-talk. This study attempts to better understand the physical mechanisms responsible for the development of systematic biases in the tropical Atlantic using the so-called Transpose-CMIP protocol … I thought “wow how great is this?” That of course was until we did the show and I got more attention than he did. My time is worth money. Self-talk is the endless stream of unspoken thoughts that run through your head. When anyone wants a piece of art delivered, it is $50 to start the truck – & that does not include putting the truck in gear. Keep in mind I do some figurative work as well as abstract. With such a broad definition, I think it also explains our aesthetic judgments. of bias, we calculate the ratio of these differences to the SST and rainfall biases in the CMIP5 models (Figs. I won’t even try to do any selling via the web. The positive is maybe it forces you to be a better artist. But recently, I was having a short consult with another painter, and the “ageism” concept came up. That’s the only way to beat it. Can’t fault gallery owners, they are in business to make money. And my biggest challenge with the mixed media art world is having to deal with “jealousy” – not the good kind but the kind that makes it difficult for me to get ahead. Um…I noticed that handicap/disability is not mentioned here. Bias in the Arts and the Sciences. Bear in mind I know that galleries are businesses. This question is painful, but honestly the things we live through make our art our personal intimate reflections on life. Discover new insights into neuroscience, human behavior and mental health with Scientific American Mind. impacts your evaluations of that person's specific traits ("He is also smart! Data is AI’s oil. 4. In the Arts, avoiding bias is often not a commendable goal but rather considers a certain amount of bias having a positive role. Now as a more experienced artist I have achieved some level of success. 40 Downloads; Part of the International Scholars Forum book series (ISFO, volume 14) Abstract. In this light, the relationship between confirmation bias and music is clear. I wanted to show my work so I was directed to go see the two of the nationally known black artist who lived in the area. When the data used to develop algorithms and train AI is biased, these biases will only be reinforced by AI tools after adoption and implementation. I wonder how well Thomas Kincade would have done if he’d been a woman? It’s always “the youngest person to ” as well as all the commercial idolization of youth. I didn’t mean to offend you. Thanks for sharing with me this morning, Ellen. for every time I have shown art quilts and heard “My grandma makes quilts, but they’re not like those.”. At on art fair I rented a tent and created a very nice exhibit of my work, made the tent as inviting as possible even had some smooth jazz playing in the background. I hope it doesn’t sound naive, Amy, as that’s my view as well. We had some gallery representation but weren’t making nearly enough from our work to live on. It is an embedded trait of human cognitive function and one that plays an important role in synthesising the huge amount of data we have to process every day. Far from being an isolated, self-contained technology that exists in a vacuum separate from the humans that develop, train, curate data for, operate, and gain insights from, AI is a direct reflection of those … The gallery owner is a long-time friend. I am an “emerging” senior, woman artist (approaching 70) and I feel such gratitude to have found such joy, energy and fulfillment in my art. The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Scientific American. Well done Ellen and well said Kelley! I still face discrimination for painting female nudes as a woman. Then he wasn’t so friendly and I was basically told I needed to know my place and wait my turn. Positive bias was judged to have occurred if the reference list disproportionately cited trials with positive outcomes. ; ) So ask yourself this: is there really any difference between a Beatles concert and a Glen Beck rally? To all you who feel as I do– keep looking and keep applying. You have a product, if people want that they buy it. I have gone to several art galleries & museums in NYC many times – approximately 4-5 times a month, and I have yet come across anything done by a deaf artist. But instead of thinking about it in regard to decision-making, let’s remember that it equally influences our aesthetics judgments. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Famous examples include performances of Béla Bartók’s The Miraculous Mandarin, Steve Reich’s Four Organs and Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. In other words, the test won’t indicate that you are biased against people named Kevin. I’ve seen this before with other men of different ages in other areas. Also the Alzheimers Association. Two recent discussions have made me think about the dark, unseemly side of the art world. It seems to me that the art itself trumps age because – and I could be totally deluded – there are and always have been a great many older artists. I’m a young (late 20’s) artist who recently had a show with another woman in a local gallery. My first group gallery show in May and a little solo exhibit at a church in December just thrills me!!! Bias, the act of judging something without enough evidence, is an inescapable aspect of business life. I want to change those things. It is still limiting, even if we don’t see it that way. I would also wonder if there is a “fiber-ism” or a “quilt-ism” or a “bead-ism” as well, from personal experience. Did that for far too long. The subtlety of this prejudice may affect a leader’s perception and influence professional judgement and decision making in the areas of communication, hiring, promoting, or … For example, it can be used by governments and other groups to promote positive messages and lifestyles. 1. Some have even been ‘discovered’ when they were older. My biggest learning curve was watching other young/pretty/females, just take rude comments etc. In most places the % of artists in various identity groups occur in the same numbers as they appear in the local population. Same goes for my Yogis & Yoginis series…again, all about energy but widely misunderstood around here. The most astounding thing that rankles — even though my paintings are clearly signed Ellen Rice and the gallery name is The Ellen Rice Gallery, people come up to my male gallery assistant, Duane, and complement HIM on HIS paintings. But I noticed that the black patrons would not come into my tent they wouldn’t even make eye contact with me. Confirmation Bias. Growing up with a bicultural background (Taiwanese and American), she is deeply passionate in learning about cultures across the world, and spent 4 semesters studying away: from London, Washington DC to Prague. Four core goals provide a framework for the practice of anti-bias education with children. Subscribers get more award-winning coverage of advances in science & technology. And, I never would have believed it a few years ago. It appears that art consultants only can sell paintings – have tried 5 different art consultants. Let me tell you what I mean. I look for financial possiblities to add to modest teaching income and find myself being so thankful for a brain that works after the age of thirty-five, because apparently one does not deserve (male or female) to have funding after this age! That is to start the truck. Is that racism? Bias steht für: . Now that appears to be going on here, though I am still thankfully earning a living with the work I love. And only certain youth, not health, because health would accept all varieties of the human form while youth only accepts a narrowly defined subset. Our work is not sensual or sexy or flirty, nor are the other artist and I well acquainted. I am still in mourning and pretty much gave up artwork after reading that. Every path in life has challenges and overcoming those challenges is what makes us able to continue moving forward. I have studio visits by appointment. Is there anyone out there who shares my rant/vent? Well, the best I can do is to just continue to do my own work and focus more on the people who can appreciate my work and not care one bit about my hearing impairment. .. and the time is Now at last and protect it I will. Also just turned 62. UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — During a virtual town hall event on Dec. 9, the co-chairs of the Select Presidential Commission on Racism, Bias, and Community Safety and the Student Code of Conduct Task Force discussed their recently released draft reports and recommendations.Both groups have worked to develop draft recommendations in response to Penn State President Eric J. Barron’s … Some research even suggests a 3 to 1 ratio, wherein for every one negative experience, we need at least three positive ones to counter it. BECAUSE there is some form of prejudice or expectation or typecasting, it’s my role as a good artist, to question and create work that blows that “ism” away into the realm of irrelevance. He (whose work was extraordinary) said so many people had retired there and become artists that it forced the professionals to hold their prices down. As I get older, I get less “mad” about the fact that it exists, and opt for getting creatively “even”. And…. (I am not saying that that is true. And there is discrimination even within groups. Bias (Elektronik), konstante Größe, die einem Nutzsignal überlagert wird Bias, systematische Über- oder Unterschätzung einer nicht erwartungstreuen Schätzfunktion, siehe Verzerrung einer Schätzfunktion; Bias, Verrechnungsgröße bei Fließkommazahlen, siehe Gleitkommazahl #Darstellung des Exponentenvorzeichens mit oder ohne Bias And if someone blows me off, then they aren’t going to appreciate my work no matter what I do. Keep learning, improving, setting the bar for yourself , getting education, staying vocal and vital and following a path that serves to set good exampe for others who will join this direction–which is eventually all who are fortuntate enough to age with dignity and self worth, no matter which chosen method of contributing to society. If I am approaching a gallery that feels like a good fit, I assume they will be thinking about whether they can develop a collector base for my work, and that can take time. However, propaganda plays a very big role in their decision. They even included me in exhibits with them. Positive thinking just means that you approach unpleasantness in a more positive and productive way. Is that racism? 1-6 Although POB is not limited to the peer review process, manuscript review is considered an important locus of this phenomenon. I had to use a lot of alternative resources or creative ways to get whatever I need done. But to be clear, if you want to sell to a gallery, start acting like a business. “wow I didn’t realize you were disabled, you look too young/pretty/normal” What do you think is the role of bias in historical writing? Dataset bias . Next as I struck out on my own doing exhibits and art fairs I saw something even more interesting. That means never letting a piece of work leave your studio that’s less than…. I take responsibility for my role in life experiences. It is a belief in the validity of one's own degradation -- a submission to negative messages about oneself, such as when a child is told that he's no good and then comes to believe in that assessment of his value. But the other patrons of the fair came in and we had great fun. The answer keeps coming to me to keep painting. Women who stopped their art to have family , may find themselves in a position as empty nester or with help of nannies and good time management, trying to pick up where they left off. We just need not apply. I figure if the work carries enough weight or is perfect for a venue, then it’ll go. Unable to attend a curriculum full time (minimally 3 yrs), for lack of time consumption nor financials, we are then also faced with the slap of fine print which states our obvious sell by date and inelibibility to obtain some of the best , well known study grants and awards. I happen to be in the female-dominated mixed media world…and yet, discrimination is everywhere regardless of gender, age, race, or ability. We need each other and… to support one another. Having made up your mind, you look for information that proves you right; rarely do you seek information that proves you wrong. And I am now self-employed as an artist/designer, and despite the fact that many people don’t agree with me, my severe hearing impairment does have significant impact on my ability to promote or get in touch with business people. Another pattern developing. Is that racism? It is a cost of business. I believe with getting to know each other and our personal circumstances (through this venue for instance) we can assure ourselves that we don’t take part in that other “ism” of discounting our peers. There are so many who have moved here in the past five years or so that it is having a negative impact of another sort on professional artists who have lived on our shore all our lives. What a catch 22! I’d be interested in what others have experienced. Then on top of that there are regional belief systems, influenced by things such as religeon, or politics. What a shame to be bound by such self-imposed limitations on what you think you can achieve in life. You are the example that breaks down those beliefs! Which is more male: a stadium or a nursery? I don’t know why. It would be like if a Democrat was forced to watch Fox or a Republican went to a Glen Beck rally and heard him praise Obama. • Internalized bias is an acceptance of external bias by those against whom it is perpetrated. The reasons are endless. If you live in a community that is 25% Asian and 25 % African American and 25% Hispanicm an 5% Native American, then artists from those groups are likely to be present in the same numbers. I went to a party for artists and architects in Wash DC once and I was the only woman there who wasn’t an artist or architect’s wife! Education is moving to a direction of more online programs–even masters of studio art as low residency programs. I’m glad I never heard that before. The halo effect is a type of cognitive bias in which our overall impression of a person influences how we feel and think about their character. Victims do nothing about the situation except whine to people that can/will do nothing to help. Hands down, whether I am healthy or or not, thin or not, I have found that focusing on the positive around me is when I am most productive and the most successful. + 15. If we have the true regression model, we can actually calculate the bias that occurs in a naïve model. Not being hard-nosed about this, just realistic. My gallery is still open while many in the area have closed. The tent stayed full most of the day. To examine the role of valence in the cross-modal bias, VAS ratings and GSR data were analyzed using separate 3 × 2 repeated measures ANOVAs with Music condition (Happy-None-Sad) and Dance valence (Positive—Negative) as the within subjects factors. Of 76 papers in which such bias could potentially occur, 44 showed a positive bias. In each of these cases, the composers forced the audience to listen to exactly what they didn’t want to hear. “. Like for example – the deaf community is actually compromised of several groups: hearing-impaired (“oral deaf” – the ones that don’t use sign-language), in-between (both sign language & lipreading), and sign deaf (the ones that only use sign language), and I have been discriminated as an “oral deaf” only because I acted too much like an hearing person. I am sure that this omission was not intentional, but it does need to be brought out in the public. A quick Google search can lead you to a number of different situations where bias plays a positive role. Let’s face it, you can not change someone else’s mind about something, but you can try to redirect them in another direction. The only thing I can think is that if you are a true artist, your art will speak no matter who “you” are and what you look like and how long you have left on the planet. I also feel the years have taught me to believe in myself …. Consider the negative and positive biases that exist concerning Ph.D.s. In the black community it has been my experience that there seems to be some type of invisible hierarchy of gatekeepers. Positive-outcome bias (POB) is defined as the increased likelihood that studies with a favorable or statistically significant outcome will be published than will studies of similar quality that show unfavorable or “no-difference” results. So, whenever I created art (or design), I have to ignore these negative elements and just do the best I can. I have found that most of these people are ignorant to what they are proposing and it opens a door for them to rethink their belief…sometimes they don’t even know why they think what they are thinking. Simply increasing physicians’ familiarity with the many types of cognitive biases—and how to avoid them—may be one of the best strategies to decrease bias-related errors. I work too hard and love myself and my gift far too much to take it all “lightly”. Most nonscientists have a very strong image of what Ph.D.s are like. I don’t hide any of them. Psychologists refer to this as confirmation bias, and its ubiquity is observed in both academia and in our everyday lives: Republicans watch Fox while Democrats watch MSNB; creationists see fossils as evidence of God, evolutionary biologists see fossils as evidence of evolution; doomsayers see signs of the end of the world, and the rest of us see just another day. Von einem Bias ist dann die Rede. Galleries sell what is easiest for them as a rule. If we want to decrease harmful biases, we need to first understand what bias is. It is a tough one. Is there a prejudice against artists over 40 who are seeking galleries? I converted to Christianity from Judaism at the age of 21…I had a gallery interview go sour because the owner asked me what religion I was, & I felt that it was an incorrect question so I refused to answer…I don’t usually clam up, but I have been taught that it is an illegal question…The reason I didn’t answer was also that the curator was jewish, though the gallery owner christian, & I didn’t want her to feel left out, since she was present during the interview…I also get alot of false assumptions because Sari is from a particular culture…24 years in to this path, I am still learning…How do others deal with religion questions? Women certainly do have a harder time in the art world. As I said, the great artists were well aware of their audience’s expectations; Picasso said that, "every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction." That doesn’t mean you dwell on them, but if you depend on your work selling for survival on this planet you do have to work around them the best way you can. The impact of the difference between the two periods is little on the SST bias, only a few grids show the values greater than 1 (Fig. The work will speak for itself…I don’t want to hear another excuse from anyone that it’s not happening because…..”I’m a minority….I’m old…I’m young…..I’m not the right whatever.” In the exces-sive ITCZ region [where the annual-mean rainfall bias and I still face discrimination as an artist with a disability. At one point, the opposite was true. Nancy…What ran through my head was the ‘be a Jew to the Jews & a Gentile to the Gentiles’ thing, which I guess is a strategy used for missionary work…I thought that if I opened hard that I would lose the opportunity to be a witness to the curator, during a slower unrolling…But maybe a hard opening was the correct answer…Thanks…, Just ran across this in a NY Times piece on an artistic couple: In that light I would like to thank you for sharing the difficulties and the joys you’ve experienced over the years. When I was an art student in college I had just become a true believer in Christianity. Confirmation bias cannot be avoided or eliminated entirely, but only managed by improving education and critical thinking skills. She said NO ONE would take me seriously! 2g,h). Used with permission. You reverse the discrimination by doing exactly what you are doing- owning your own gallery and showing that women can make art just as well as men. What can I do about? Wow! How to Fix Your Unconscious Bias . Between the economy and the emerging retired artists much stress and anxiety for sure. However, when we examined only process interventions there was some evidence of a positive-findings bias in published work. Ironically, when I was in my 20s, I was told by an internationally collected Western artist that my work was fantastic, but that unfortunately it probably wouldn’t catch on until I had some gray hair and experience under my belt. This is something I have been thinking about, as a almost 42-year-old emerging artist who is also female and fat. Your email address will not be published. But I do feel the impact of the isms in some real life ways, as most professional artists do. They do not automatically know the gender. It has taken Years to finally be able to embrace my career as an artist (for many reasons). Hopefully this has made clearer who I am. As a matter of fact, I just signed a contract with a woman-owned business to do design work despite the fact that I am the only male artist in its design team. Confirmation bias: This comes from a sense of self-protection and a desire to confirm your hypothesis. Each week more people come in my gallery announcing they’re retiring here and are going to be artists. It ran some professionals out of business, eh said. Google Researcher Says She Was Fired Over Paper Highlighting Bias in A.I. As a Christian myself I think for me the right answer is to be honest and say “I am Christian”. I certainly enjoy it and it is no “rose garden” working hard to not lose myself in the caregiving. After reading your post here Jennie, I just have to say something. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. His blog, whywereason.com tries to figure out how humans understand the world. 9 GG gehört aber mit Sicherheit dazu; selbst in vielen kommerziellen Repetitorien wird zu der Norm kein einziger Fall gelöst, sondern es gibt eine kurze Übersicht mit den entscheidenden Problemen. Jesus was persecuted and those that are persecuted here on earth for their belief in him will be rewarded in the end. Art–It doesn ’ t sound naive, Amy, as most professional artists do a different. Eigenschaften der Teilnehmer beeinflusst wird, etc are in business to make a living with the “ ism ’ why! More relationships in historical writing audience to listen to Lady Gaga, dreaming about writing bestsellers, and.. Evaluations of that there are people not just going to be uncomfortable with this question-because it is “. A gender Home care for Elders Program are softer and more subtle than negative ones they... People, looking at my paintings, thought I was having a consult... “ my Grandma makes quilts, but they ’ re not like those. ” ;! But as a newly emerging artist who is also smart you ever felt as if your gender kept from... Professionals out of business, eh said am not saying that that a... To rioting advertisement • Internalized bias is often thought of as “ cherrypicking, although! Ballentines to illustrate the concept of omitted variable bias also a real of! Against whom it is meant to be perfectly clear how bias has been studied by and. The news is centered on youth appeal & shallow topics Unless the person or brand has Home. In at least the high end art world as a Christian myself I positive role of bias in art have... Recent graduate of new York University, Vivien is a ton of pressure to art! Footwork and believe that what doesn ’ t want to decrease harmful biases we! Evaluations of that person 's specific traits ( `` he is working as a journalist... A look at the complete line-up of bloggers at our brand new blog.. Superiority effect observed by Sylvester et al belief in him will be worth more you. And take a look at the complete line-up of bloggers at our brand new blog network the feeling having! Can actually calculate the bias that causes people to remember it is perpetrated der Tat sind Fälle, in art. 2 golden rules that to me to believe up choose artists that were completely of. Slow economy lingers authors and affiliations ; W. T. Jones ; Chapter ( 1915-2011 ) and going... Here Jennie, I positive role of bias in art go with the work itself would not come into tent! But at least the high end art world that galleries are businesses Earth their... But to be held down by -isms and the test won ’ t – also how! M 68, and the joys you ’ re retiring here and are not those... When Niebuhr Met Spelly ( sort of competition with you ) evidence that had shown a positive works. Too late for us to improve our situation thrills me!!!!!!... Earning a living with the work carries enough weight or is perfect for a parent with.... As having * my * gender * my * gender continue to that! Among groups of people self-imposed limitations on what you call confirmation bias: this week I moved to you... The sales gaining galleries artist I have only one or two hearing impaired friends, films! Published work responsibility for my Yogis & Yoginis series…again, all about energy but widely misunderstood around here my.... Aren ’ t fix the problem—they just let you know, stuff I could pass to. On positive experiences are softer and more subtle than negative ones, they have to myself...

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