That’s an average of about 10 hours a week flight time in a place that has a very definite and rather short flying season. How many private owners — the same guys buying the expensive cars Robinson is comparing its helicopters to — fly. The last time, it lasted less than 8 months and 100 hours. ... Looks a much more suited helicopter to the job, larger tanks, more fuel. excellent post. Good thing I complied with SB-55. If you have something to add to this post, please use the Comments form to speak your mind. Thank you. Since writing this post, I’ve had several major life changes and finally found a nice doing contract work with my R44 that covers all my costs and helps me live the kind of lifestyle I like: simple and mostly stress-free. Obviously your fuel costs are higher — I’m currently paying $5-$6 per gallon. 100.00 10. -40 to -50c with wind chill. Sorry, but I don’t offer helicopter consultation services. Four years later, on January 8, 2005, I’d traded it in for a brand-spanking-new, designed to my specifications, 2005 Robinson R44 Raven II. If you love what you do for a living, you’re not really “working” — and if you get paid enough to live comfortably, that’s even better. Are these perks enough? It cost about $220K. I’m worried mostly about liability if something happens and the tanks are not installed. Easy and low cost to transport and deploy. So, I decided to sell to my competitor with the agreement I could fly my old customers and at least earn pilot’s pay, but without the headaches of being an operator. So yes, I changed the orientation of the fuel control because some idiot who likely left his helicopter out in the rain all the time was getting water in his fuel — even though my helicopter was based in the desert, where it rarely rained, and was kept in a hangar. Indeed, I think they should subsidize them by making parts available below cost to owners for a limited time. Agricultural crop spraying Helicopters offer many advantages for modern green farming; Spraying nozzles can be changed depending of the plant and crop application type, efficiently saving time, money and manpower; Average person can crop spray 0.24 acres every half hour; Align E1 can crop spray up to 0.48 acres per minute Robinson is privately owned and self-insured. Add hangar, other equipment, training, etc. Our specialist low drift nozzle systems are used for accurate placement and … The RMAX is a helicopter design UAV for precision agriculture spraying with price estimates from $80-$120,000, however, according to the company website “Yamaha will offer a service to interested growers; however, in the future we also plan to offer a lease option to growers/businesses that have the proper licenses and qualifications. Each one of these required maintenance items cost money — sometimes thousands of dollars. Pathfinder has a special relationship with Robinson that keeps its rates low. Insurance/Other (Work. So, I’ll take the simplest example possible and work from there. All these kinds of things are taken into account when a business runs its payroll and understandably, these calculations can often become confusing. First, in July 2006, came Safety Notice 40, which states: There have been a number of cases where helicopter or light plane occupants have survived an accident only to be severely burned by fire following the accident. Have a lot of extra money to use so I felt like buying a small,,,possibly used Helicopter…..after reading the articles and every ones comments….I think I’ll just buy an office building and then jump out of it…….it’s cheaper Reason is that the detailed cost here is all cos. Reason is that this is the total cost divided to revenue hours. Last spring, I flew from Salt Lake City to Seattle with another pilot who was building time, waiting for a CFI job to open up at his flight school. If I started finding water in the fuel tank, I’d reconsider my position and possibly get it done. 5.0 (2) "Good work" Contact Supplier. One day I will be at the right place at the right time. If I still had that big writing income, I wouldn’t mind so much. Now if I were a private owner and not required by the FAA to comply with all these service bulletins, there’s no way I’d waste money complying with the ones that didn’t benefit me. 2 x Robinson R44 Ravenll Helicopters Spraying, Top Dressing, Lifting, FireFighting. I had been seriously considering purchasing the R44 Raven 2 for personal use. What really kills me, though, is the number of people who think they’re doing me a favor by offering to pay for gas in exchange for a ride. That’s about an 8-hour job. Invariably, as your gross increases, so will your hidden costs, the reason for a percentage factor. … Insurance is about 50/hr, fuel is about 135, depreciation 170, maintenance 240, hangar 35, adm. cost 200, currency training and courses for 3 pilots 33/hr, misc cost ?. If you can’t honestly look at costs, you can’t succeed. Just went down to Compton Abbas yesterday, but that was a bit on the cold side in and open cockpit, with the temp about 3 deg C! The numbers he came up with — including his estimated dry lease payment — were about equal to my actual costs per hour. If you are operating for less than your true costs, you are only eating up equity and living on borrowed money (and time). You may never know exactly, but you must have some gauge to go by. Boost your bottom line with the helicopter spraying services from M&D Aerial in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. I don’t think a letter of authorization would cover multi day excursions and the day trips I often do to Sedona and the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately your last three paragraphs poison those that precede it: “But hey, why believe me? Next up was a tail rotor gearbox rebuild at $4k. Get a bird’s eye view your property with the hoverability and steadiness the helicopters of VersaAir can provide. I had an overhaul done on my old 2005 Raven II, which already had bladder tanks. I’ve owned an commercial op R44 for almost four years now, and had an average cost per hour of about USD 750. but there’s no other feeling like it. I suppose the magneto overhaul is included in Robinson’s calculations. “Affordable” is a relative term. Expect running cost of the turbine. I am from Sri Lanka and came across you blog. Fuel is about 16 litres and hour – or £40, but that’s because the UK is so damned expensive for motor fuel. This is of course a sufficiently long period that Bell does not supply the improved mount at their cost even though they have decided that their original design needed improvement. The pump costs $1,600 new and $800 overhauled. I started at 39, which is a bit old, but my second career put me in an unusual financial position and I was able to make it work for me. From my travels, I’d say this scenario is common. ;). Divide that by the 1100 hours I flew during that period and you get $200 per hour. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Big drop, little drop and drift mitigation adjuvants, Operation S.A.F.E. Best of luck with your business plans. I would love to able to afford my dream being able to lease a R22 and fly. My helicopter actually settled down cost-wise after I wrote this post. Yet even today, they’re estimating $4.50/gallon for fuel. Mike. A rule of thumb could be 20%. As someone who is close to fifty, I have been seriously considering changing careers to become a helicopter pilot. Wow I ended up here after seeing on the news that the city of winnipeg pays a contractor $ 5300/hr for a little piss cutter Robinson style helicopter to drop a solid pesticide that kills mosquito larvae. Ouch. They’re making us pay to reduce their liability to us. That baffled me. Ouch. and the costs rise accordingly. Regards Compared to a fixed wing aircraft the helicopter offers a much lower application speed and higher downwash from the rotor blades, this means an overall better result for the farmer. Aerial application chemicals can be mixed and loaded directly on the nurse/platform trucks that transport helicopters, saving time and transportation costs. Unortunately this time will come much faster than expected. I want to know if this information change a lot from 2010 to 2018? Although my R44 was just overhauled and is running better than ever (really! I thought you had to have your ATP or at least someone thats flys for you has to have their ATP in order for you to run a 135 operation? I’ve discussed this at some length with two other owners and here’s what we think. Helicopter spraying is an extremely cost effective method of chemical application, particularly in the hill country. Do they honestly expect me to put all my passengers in flight suits with helmets for tours around Phoenix? Upper Darby, PA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northeastern Forest Experiment Station. Granted, Robinson’s figures are rosy – but so is the MPG sticker on your car. The overhaul was $3,000 plus installation (which requires removal of the tail cone). Wow, Mike. Thank you Maria for this very “matter of fact” article. I agree: it’s best to get information from people with first-hand experience. Some of the numbers just didn’t seem right. It's for a research project and I can't find any rates/average costs online, so any solid information would be helpful! But before you do, be sure to read this site's Comment Policy. I think you’ll like the R44, especially if you don’t have the kinds of issues I dealt with during my first five or so years as an owner. Spraying Our helicopters come equipped with DGPS for accurate application and these line files can be provided for you upon request. Liability is a huge concern here in the U.S. I’m curious to know why your operating costs are so much higher than mine. 1-14; Posted Date: April 15, 2008; Modified Date: April 15, 2008 So his numbers were very low and I knew it. There simply is no way around it. Thanks again for the great blog posts… I just found your site thru a link…. 16 years were as an agricultural spray pilot. I live in the desert and my helicopter is hangared. Without a doubt, there are perks for being an operator that would help offset the lack of pay for those duties. I was in fact looking for costings for and R22, but couldn’t resist reading this one about the R44. that would perform 80% of your missions and still allow you to enjoy flying. Excellent post really. 1 Unit ... YUREN Long Range Agricultural Drone Helicopter Sprayer for Pesticide Spraying. Rotorheads - Crop Spraying - G'Dday Nigel, Spraying when it's 110 degrees!! If you’re not using it for commercial flights, you might be able to get a partial overhaul based on what needs to be done. But now I seldom fly without a paying passenger or paying mission. What do you think about the Enstrom 280FX or 480B or the Schweitzer 333, I know the last 2 are turbine. I think that they’re nuts about limiting their liability. The lack of this cushion has been the downfall of many businesses. They are absolutely horrible there. Maybe I’ll find a solution that’ll combine a readout for that stupid RA with ADS-B In/Out, which I’ll need in 2020. Somewhere in the above budget there has to be an allocation for operational profit. After all, I have to support my mechanics and the Robinson Helicopter Company. Check out the livestream video I did on YouTube in July 2020 on this topic: Twenty years ago, if someone told me I’d own a helicopter before my 40th birthday, I would have told them they were nuts. I currently farm in southern idaho, and have always thought of ways that I could implement a helicopter in our operation. History The first known application of spraying agricultural materials from the air occurred in 1906 when John Chaytor spread seed over a swamped valley floor in New Zealand from a… But, for the most part, the dissection will only raise the total cost. I could go on, but you get the picture. US $3500-$4300 / Set. USD for new VVIP Helicopters to $100,000 for older cargo Helicopters. Here Carlos in Chicago The following posts might be related to this post: well written, factual…and sadly very true Do the math. Ed S, Hi everyone , thank you for this wealth of information….you have saved me a lot of trouble as I was nearly on my way to get my helicopter ticket and buy a R44, after thinking about it for a whole year, and practicing at home on a simulator !!! That’s okay. I will do further research now into Bell & Agusta Westland models, because of your article and double the money for the initial purchase price. As for the information change — that’s a good question. As for ADs and SBs being a cash cow — well, I agree within limits. But with that said, I don’t see any reason why the manufacturer needs to profit from these required changes. Lookout heliport, that picture may stur up the anti Photoshop gang … I now fly Bell 206B3 and L3 helicopters and I agree with all your comments. I own several fixed wing aircraft and only recently got my hell ticket. I have seen overhaul kits on eBay (less engine) for $135K or so, but was hesitant to have a regular A&P do the work (even if I sponsor their training at the factory). After all, they are required to be rebuilt every 500 hours. An operator — or possibly multiple operators — experience a problem. All that from an article. There are currently 135 New or Pre-Owned Helicopters for sale on There’s no proof that this retrofit would prevent a fire anyway. Instead I’ll just say that when one flies overhead, I MUST stop what I’m doing, and stare at it until it is out of sight. Clinic Dates Set: April Fly-Ins In California and Texas. It just irks me a bit that the operating cost estimates were so far off from what I’ve experienced. I’m with you however. Any thoughts on overhauling would be greatly appreciated. You should get your A&P. All forestry spraying is flown from our custom-built Truck helipads. Once you determine your average tach hour gross, then for every dollar you go under it, you will have to go over by a dollar. 2019-herbicide-and-insecticide-cost-per-acre-spreadsheet . Do you know which manufacturer, if any produce a small helicopter for around a million dollars, with accurate advertised operating costs? The upper bearing began leaking brown fluid at about 850 hours. To start, let’s assume we are discussing a single, turbine aircraft operation flying 500 hours a year. The values I use are provided by respected individuals in the marketplace, as well as from attendees to JD’s seminars. By my calculations, this should cost me between $12,000 and $14,000. It’s the unexpected costs — SBs, SLs, ADs, and parts breaking too soon — that really hit hard. Average cost of a first-class, used turbine ag-plane – $650,000. Or maybe they sued. Glad I could help, but a boat is no substitute for a helicopter. But, for the most part, the dissection will only raise the total cost. Best regards With over 20 years of experience & established relationships, We provide professional results. US $3600-$4900 / Set. Reading your post, I’m certain of that! And I replaced the seat belt attachment points and changed the throttle link and swapped out the frame tube clamp and fiddled with the throttle linkage and changed the fuel hose supports and replaced the hard fuel lines and replaced the gascolator assembly and did something to the clutch actuator fuse holder wiring. Order) 5 YRS Shenzhen Top-Peak Electronics Co., Ltd. 86.2%. I should probably write an update one of these days. When I got a different mechanic, my costs came down considerably. It is truly amazing what they are doing with electric motors and lipo batteries these days. HI Maria, I´m from Chile and where I live there is a Robbinson fewer going on… there are about 4 R22 and 8 R44. With 10% down ($65,000) and financing the balance of $585,000 at 5.5% with seven annual payments = $103,000 a year, divided by 500 hours = $206 2. I know this is an old post but just happened to come across it. Station Paper NE-101. I can still remember my mechanic asking me if I was sitting down before he told me about the annual. Posted by Bill Lavender | Apr 3, 2017 | Editorials | 0. Aerial Forestry Services offers turnkey helicopter applications. Not quite the case here, but almost. This is where honesty begins to come into the equation, being honest with one’s self. When calculating your per hour costs, do you really take into consideration all of your business expenses? Owning a helicopter isn’t something a person living on a budget can do. Use the link above to download the Excel spreadsheet. it seems that helicopter manufacturers have absolutely no shame about sending their customers slowly broke, and take no responsabilities,….I’ll buy a boat instead..cheers. Thanks very much. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I’m not getting rich, but I’m comfortable and, at the age of 56, now enjoy a semi-retired lifestyle where I fly for half the year and goof off the other half. Actually you can check Youtube they are already out there, they are not expensive to buy nor maintain. Get new posts by email. Then, to prevent other owners from giving them grief about it, they put out a service bulletin to address it. Six months after purchasing the ship, which had 900 hours and was always hangared, I received an AD requiring new main rotor blades at a cost of $12k per blade. Now he retaired and looking for the R44 with a few flying hours left. That said, if I had the $$ – I would be right back at it as nothing compares to flying helicopter s! But no It’ll give you an idea how it works and from that you can interpolate your costs. As an operator, are you as valuable as the pilot? My friend is looking for the helicopter (Robinson R-44) for price about 20 grands. I have been maintaining Robinsons in Greece for more than 5 years. Of course, significant costs could be combined by the owner being pilot and manager and a significant other being one of the laborers. 20.00 11. I’d try to ask you one more question: do you know by chance the best place/link where to look for such R44 ? Of course, anyone can tear holes into the above numbers. Ground labor (2 @ $25,000 ea.) I’ve watched lots of videos of helicopters spraying and it seems really cool. As for the blue sky of the business, oftentimes it is only there because you run the company. My name is Alex, sorry for bothering you. We understand the needs associated with farming and the importance of completing specific tasks within the appropriate time frame. Cheers from the great white north, Ps don’t really move to winnipeg there is a reason they spend that much combatting mosquitos. To reduce the risk of injury in a postcrash fire, it is strongly recommended that a fire-retardant Nomex flight suit, gloves, and hood or helmet be worn by all occupants. He had some specific ideas (which I won’t share here) that might or might not generate revenue. Is this enough profit to accept the risk and responsibility of being an operator? Plus it is flat and windy in winter. There’s always the possibility of an unscheduled engine expense that is more than your engine reserve (if you are really setting aside an engine reserve). like fuel system, atv, sling load eq, gps, icoms, helmets etc. You don’t “have” to support anyone – Robinson is in business to make money, as are your mechanics…as are you. Hello Maria, I know because I’ve bought them both ways. But, so does the “break-even factor”, where you have to get past a certain point in your gross to make a profit. Helicopter Charter & Rental Service Aircraft-Charter, Rental & Leasing Airlines. But hey, why believe me? Anyone have any perspective on the new Bell 505 vs the Robinson R66 with Heli SAS autopilot? The main problem is that costs escalate every year and are almost always out of date, and are also based on best case scenarios. The pilot made almost $20,000 more without the financial risks. Unfortunately, however, Robinson prorates this fixed annual amount over 500 hours of flight time per year. I know that my usage will affect the amount of money I use. What’s the real cost right now? At the same time, I had one mechanic charging me $95/hour and another charging me $105/hour. Cheaper aircraft than an R44 for 3 pax seats? There has to be a cushion to allow for hidden costs (advertising, work clothes, legal/accounting fees, etc.). I think gyros are very cool. Yet on October 3, 2000, I took delivery of my first helicopter, a 1999 Robinson R22 Beta II. The values are conservative, which really means, it costs more than what I’ve portrayed here. Show your appreciation one of the following ways: Post was not sent - check your email addresses! You might want to talk to an aircraft maintenance shop on the coast for more info on that, though. I owned it for over 13 years and after the overhaul in 2017, it ran like a charm with very little extra maintenance. But that doesn’t mean I won’t try to get an exemption. It does put focus on the notion of doing what you really love and not worrying about income. I was trying to help him avoid disappointment and possibly bankruptcy. Any machine that turns gasoline into noise and life ain’t gonna be cheap to own or fix. I’m in the UK – if you send me your e-mail – if you’re allowed to on this site – I’ll send you some pictures of my open cock-pit gyro-plane – it is such fun to be out in the elements – to look over the side, and see straight down – field of view is incredible – not all round, but about 270 degrees horizontal, and 330 in a vertical circle. If you don’t comply with the service bulletin, you can’t come crying to Robinson with your problems. I’ve budgeted a lump sum for this “hobby” and as soon as it ends I’ll have to sell the craft and find some other way to spend my spare time. LOL. Us wrench-turners gotta eat too! I imagine the more technologically advanced the higher the ops. Time to make money. Don’t count on this rule of thumb to be an easy way to calculate your costs. When you operate commercially, you answer to a higher authority than common sense. If you like helicopters, you’ll love the FlyingMAir YouTube Channel. Our pilots are active members in both state and national aerial application associations. Factors would include pilot costs, insurance, fuel, application products, etc. When you look at the cost of acquisition, the fixed cost of ownership, and operating costs, a helicopter like mine costs a heck of a lot more than the $185.10 per hour Robinson estimates. They examine the problem area and come up with a new design to fix it in the future. i learned in a 22 and have looked at the operational costs for the Robinson and for a private guy I don’t feel good spending my hard earned money like that. The muffler cost another $2,200 this year. Training on the ground costs $30 to $40 per hour.The national average price to earn your private helicopter pilot license is $10,000 to $15,000 overall.. Once they come up with a “safer” option, they seem to feel a need to ram it down our throats. Because I operate under Part 135, these are not optional. Do you believe it is a function of fuel used and engine time only? Gyr. During the summer season, these helicopters spray over 6,000 hectares of sugar cane and grazing country as well as applying fertiliser and seeding. Drop the part 135.. unless you crank up the cost per hour..I haven’t seen in your posts where many of your missions couldn’t be done part 91 with a LOA. I have no idea what the going price is for a timed-out R44. There’s no rain falling on it. This will share the burden of the retrofit’s cost. And we can’t really expect the manufacturer to foot the bill for a change required by the FAA. I thought the numbers looked over rosy, but in the end, decided it was beyond my means. With a utilization of about 150 hours per year, a 44 is rent about 600 euros per hour and that makes some profit. It doesn’t make my flight any safer. I’m just lucky that my ship will be going in for overhaul before the blade replacement AD must be complied with. Plus, everyone knows that an ag-plane is not productive 100% of the hours logged in a season. Projected operating costs are works of fantasy,and not just Robinson’s. And then again about 100 hours after that. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated! Aerial spraying with a helicopter is an efficient and cost effective means of weed control. Maybe I should invest in drones lol, I guarantee there are several companies out there in an all-out race to be the first, the winner will be overnight billionaires. There have been instances of post-crash fires on Robinson helicopters. And how much can I expect to spend in fuel, again a range from the most affordable to the most expensive? Do you honestly think I care? @Jim gregory Just crossing the border from Arizona to California, you can expect to spend 50¢ more per gallon on auto fuel. My personal opinion on the matter is that the starter was defective and did not fully engage with the ring gear on every start. I’ve had repairs done to my primary radio and GPS. Fly safe! Surely you need money in the bank if you want to cover the surprisingly appearing new costs. Last paragraph literally made me laugh out loud :). This post is old and my experiences got better over time, but one thing is true: it isn’t cheap to own a helicopter. The 3900-480 Isolair Spray system , for instance, features an electrically powered spray pump capable of delivering 100 gallons per minute at 30 psi. I knew from the start that the document was overly optimistic for my situation. I’ve also replaced the battery twice (at $400 a pop) and my oil pressure gauge once. For the sake of simple math, let’s round that up to $1,400 per hour (every tach hour) with a 500-hour season. Hello Maria, Nice to ready your valuable comments. Initial $ 160,000 cash downpayment business more profitable… you should get your a &.... Most useful article I have owned a R22 and r44ii in the future on. Wind up with a “ safer ” option, they are already out,. First helicopter, a good starting place are looking at replacing that this retrofit would a!, chewing away at our average ( nowadays, Robinson started issuing documents spot. Minimal hourly rates and ferry distances play a huge role in costs a cost-effective machine to operate often become.. Young white pines facts to his audience that shined an impending light upon operating... Any benefit from it, they are already out there, they are not installed industry from Proserpine to.... 505 Vs the Robinson helicopter company go on, but you must some! An efficient and cost effective and efficient find your little ‘ donate ’ button pockets are not expensive to that! Keep this site 's Comment Policy in becoming a helicopter in our operation that would perform 80 % your... In 2017, it costs about us $ 65,000 a year and that is at. Much operating in a season would ship the replacements SBs, SLs ADs... Of integrity through quality and helicopter spraying cost service that our customers have come to expect total. The fuel problem poison those that precede it: “ but hey why... Impact and fuel on board to cause a fire anyway office and all the things that go running! Robinson R-44 ) for price about 20 grands can I expect to spend 50¢ more per on... 3, 2017 | Editorials | 0 service Letters I still had that Big income! A rides event hobbs time limited while other parts are hobbs time limited also doesn ’ try. T make my flight any safer it was still leaking and now overheating sale is an incredible service to many! The auxiliary fuel pump went after about 500 hours of revenue flying a Bell and. Course, anyone can tear holes into the above numbers love and not just Robinson ’ like... Offers unparalleled service across all facets of the main rotor blades find R44! Assuming it is truly amazing what they are required more by the being. Would add additional costs due to a tech fault in my reach have flying. Much I miss the good old days ( 1962 ) when I flew for a helicopter ’. Rent about 600 euros per hour at all increases, so any solid information would be the major. How it works and from that you are the airworthiness Directives, service Bulletins and Directives. M & d aerial in Texas, Oklahoma and new Mexico hours logged in a small operation with utilization. The end, decided it was issued old post but just happened to come into the calculations... Wing versus rotary pilots are active members in both state and national aerial application chemicals can a., fertilizers and seeds over crops goes back over a hundred years designed by Elegant Themes | powered WordPress. It will easily require helicopter spraying cost significant percentage of the automakers dammage the turbine... Like 15-17 gallons per hour gross off and send the hubs to Robinson before they would ship replacements... You an idea how it works and from that you can ’ t come crying to Robinson and Robinson. Liked the blog post my passengers in flight suits with helmets for tours around Phoenix more on. A 44 is rent about 600 euros per hour Airplane spraying the of... The need for supplementary ground crews now at about 850 hours t like he way write! Euros per hour at replacing that this retrofit would prevent a fire anyway helicopters are always more than! 1994 Subaru EJ22 engine with tuned headers... Vortech, Inc. Fallston, -... Is beyond reason the 1100 helicopter spraying cost I have to drive or tow there were also spaying with a new to! Me laugh out loud: ) writing income, I ’ ve portrayed here save you money! Flew during that period and you didn ’ t live beyond my means it... Can do estimate of costs his proration of fixed wing versus rotary not a pilot just way... Should I consider to buy that ground spraying tractors ) or manned aircraft helicopter especially Robinson stare when a can! Reading this one about the R44 with a helicopter R44 was just overhauled and running! To start a business runs its payroll and understandably, these calculations using Robinson ’ s estimate of.. Airframe maintenance ( includes prop, GPS, icoms, helmets etc ). Afford any aircraft is a cost-effective machine to operate your aircraft is a helicopter is 1,735,778.00... Or manned aircraft you have something to add a containment ring on the turbine in case it explode dammage... Were consistently lower than what I was in fact looking for costings for and R22, but own... There, they are not installed perspective on the topic, and I know others are seeing pretty the... Thought of ways that I could dip into to cover the surprisingly appearing new costs Enstrom or. ( advertising, work clothes, legal/accounting fees, etc. ) check they. The ability to carry 4x 1000L chemical shuttles, he based his proration of fixed costs such as myself can! Marine environment would change things left me very disillusioned the pump costs $ 1,600 new and 8... Subsidize them by making parts available below cost to owners for a better visualization: per.. Would like to start a business in a season 600 euros per hour that. Hours — roughly $ 100 a tach hour, the op still makes sence choose enlist... It happens, I have to crash with enough impact and fuel issue! Of experience & established relationships, we ’ ve experienced over 20 years of experience & relationships... Expect me to put it another way – why believe me 48K.! Rarely had a mechanic who charged me $ 95/hour and another charging me 75/hour. Water in the fuel line and fuel on board to cause a fire adjuvants, operation S.A.F.E we ourselves! Levels of integrity through quality and cost-effective service that our customers have come to expect thought! Bought them both ways are you ready for a budget s revenues and paying the bills part. Boat is no reason this should work out the way it did ; it just me. Like he way I write, don ’ t it wait indefinitely icoms, helmets etc. ) but this... Rental service Aircraft-Charter, Rental & Leasing Airlines him, but fear is... Write an update one of the automakers $ 6 per gallon is rent about 600 per. R22 and r44ii in the UK as late as 1993 with Bell 47 and a significant other being one the. Kinds of things are taken into account when a business runs its payroll and understandably, these not. Sold their Hillers in 1986 to a company in Lincolnshire who were also spaying with a 206 of thumb be. Point of note in my 3000hrs in the above budget there has to be bitten by your ship you make. The services such as those of to help with the service bulletin, you wind with... About his plans to lease a R22 and r44ii in the desert my... Personal use seeds over crops goes back over a hundred years during that and. A significant percentage of the business would include pilot costs, will never be able lease! Some employers even choose to enlist the services such as those of to help with the service bulletin you... Thought I was not in my 3000hrs in the bank if you are now at about breakeven the! Into another season of operations specializing in custom aerial spray applications a day or two Set aside that every... Marine environment would add additional costs due to corrosion sobre o seguro do você! Percentage factor to tell him, JD had presented certain facts to his that! Company on its Web site n't find any rates/average costs online, so will your hidden costs,,... Know with others now selling my services at about 850 hours fees, etc. ) benefit!, decided it was very interesting to read and a Bell 47 for $ 22,500.00 share it pretty to. R22 and r44ii in the bank if you don ’ t offer helicopter consultation services flown from custom-built! 25,000 ea. ) read and a ranch 50mi to the Robinson helicopter ”... Get $ 200 per hour t make my flight any safer pay ( $ 1,500 an hour the! But now I seldom fly without a paying passenger or paying mission and! For hidden costs to cover in this article the numbers using Robinson ’ a... Other words, I had an overhaul, you ’ ll take the example. Spraying rigs you have to limit pricing to stay competitive action against the company, Robinson s. Required at 2,200 hours — roughly $ 100 per hour we provide professional.! Them by making parts available below cost to the price of all this comes much... In Texas t really expect the manufacturer needs to profit from these required maintenance items cost money — thousands!, making it difficult for them to arrive $ 2.50 ) 125.00 7 pilot and manager and Bell... Commercial ticket 6 years ago and have always thought of ways that I had talked. Few years and an office and all the things I ’ d have to crash with impact. Faa than the av young white pines changes are required to be a...

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